28 August 2008

manyak the teruk day

today we left the office around 630pm, only to reach babysitter's house to pick up Krystal around 8.30pm! freaking 2 hours. OMG! sigh... seriously, when its pouring like mad these few days, we are really suffering from the bad traffic. and i really dunno why they named the tunnel "SMART" when its always closed during heavy downpours. not so smart there kan? esssshh...

was chatting a bit with Barb & was telling her, im going to retire in Malacca when im old already. probably live longer!

then we proceed to Jusco to have dinner in Tep
panyaki using the buy1free1 sms i downloaded from mystyle (you guys should check it out) while we were enjoying our salmon teppanyaki, as usual the lil missy can't sit still in the bb chair & i had to think of somtin to keep her occupied beside feeding her the rice.

so this is what i did for her using the wooden chopstick... teeehehee.. she was amused for awhile, then back to whining lor. aisey man.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh dear....2 hours? no wonder people turn into a monster when driving eh?

that's a funny toy you made for your girl...hehehehe. i normally put some books in my bag to keep ashley occupied. sometimes it works and sometimes don't :D

Y-ling said...


Try bringing some crayons and papers for her to draw. Worked for me. Play doh too.

It's just a phase. My mum used to tell me that (when I was really mad!)

Irene said...

Barb : i need to bring papers & pencil next time & books :( cus we came dinner right after dinner, so kinda like "empty handed"

Yling : i used to ask my mom & she told me i was "kuai" loh. kids nowadays too smart oredi. hopefully its a phase lah hor :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Thank God I dont have to go through all the traffic jam anymore. When I was working in KL, I had to brave through floods and traffic jam very often.

Angeleyes said...

KL life is liddat one... once heav rain only... jams for hours!

HN said...

Like reading your post :) I kept my boy busy too with almost everything I can find in the restaurant (despite all the toys I brought for him) :D Sometimes, he will even kacau the other customer sitting next to us *sigh* It's been a very long time since I have my peaceful meal outside :P

Irene said...

HFM : lucky you lor

Moo : behtahan the traffic, but apa nak buat, kena ler sabar :(

HN : helo, thanks for reading. us too, no peaceful meal for a long time :(