25 August 2008

Parenthood Exhibition 2008 in Midv

can't actually remember the last time we went to Midvalley. this place used to be our "playground" as we stayed in Old Klang Road for 2 years. we were there basically every other day. hehe :)

went over today for the Parenthood Exhibition, reached around 11am, lucky we are slightly early, if not sure no parking space. a fren came along around noon time, she was circling the parking space for more than 1/2 hour. no matter how big is the carparking facilities, it is never enuf. sigh.

as usual, daddy already warned me "wei, don't simply buy hor, pandai pandai ah"... ya lah ya lah. cheong hei! wahahaha...

i only grabbed a short pants from BEBE for RM5 (can u imagine, tis is so cheap!),2 pairs of lovely shoes from BEBE also, for RM25 & 2 head to toe wash from Pureen, one is strawberry & another is mango peach. the smell is oh~so~sweeeet :)

i also signed up to be a member of Huggies & was given this for free. yippeee! very nice, kinda big & im still thinking what to do with it.

after that, we went to have lunch at a Thai Restaurant at concourse area with some frens. this noty lil missy of mine won't sit still, ended up me & daddy has to take turns to walk her around till she got tired & finally slept off in her buggy. phew!

nowadays we are really out of ideas on how to keep her still during lunch or dinner outside. sigh.

how to you guys manage the kids wen ur out having dinners?


Y-ling said...

no idea. we had the same experience :-D

you can try and make her sit through her whole meal at the dining table at home. she'll sit when out too. i heard it works. but having a doting grandma doesn't help the training at all :-P

Leona said...

Hi.. first time @ your blog.

Try bringing along peak a boo books to keep lil missy busy when eating out. Or a pen and a notebook for her to scribble. That kept my son busy last time.

Annie Q said...

I was there too at Parenthood Exhibition. I went on saturday, i always kiasu, i went as early as 11am, lucky still plenty of parking space.

Didnt get much from there, since my boys are older now, just grab few pieces of pyjamas and huggies. hahahaha.

NomadicMom said...

Eating out is the best time for kids to PLAY with their food!!! They can make a mess and you don't have to clean up!!Hahahah... jUst bring a clean set of spare clothes!

Irene said...

nomadicmom : ur joking rite? hahaha... do u do tat? hmm... mayb i should so we can eat in peace... nah! too messy, i kenot take it. haha :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

ooo...the shoes are very nice. good buy!! i find that the parenthood exhibition is more for mommies to be, babies and toddler below 2 years old eh?

wow...you haven't been to mid valley for a long time? gosh...i can't stay away from the malls .....hehehehehe.

LittleLamb said...

was there any banks there doing promotion for kids' account? cos up till today, i have not open for my baby yet. i'm kiasu. wanna go to a bank with lotsa promotion one..like free this, free that..


angeleyes said...

since I have a 'wai-sek-mou' I just stuff him with food! LOL

Keep lots of snack such as cereal, rice poppa or whatever healthy snacks... I normally let my boy bz munching so he wont bug us.... hehehe

Irene said...

Rachel : no wor, din see any bank wor... me also havent open a savings account for lil Krystal yet. dont worry, ur not the only one! haha. i oni beli insurance for her loh for Prudential, medical & studies wan :)

angeleyes : me too, i try to keep her bz by offering food :)

sue said...

Normally I just let them eat, maybe order some finger food for them :P I may be messy but at least it keeps them quiet?

Maybe you can bring those doodle pads for her to lay with or something.