09 October 2011

the Big Bad Wolf booksale

the much anticipated event that i've been waiting for (besides the arrival of my baby of cos) is the big bad wolf booksale which is still currently on going now in MAEPS, Serdang! last year's wolfie sale was good, so PLEASE MAKE UR WAY THERE this year! no regrets! only a hole in ur pocket nia... hahaha... but it's a good hole made, for the love of reading, and really really really cheap books!

me & hubs took a day off from work to attend this booksale on the 1st day. after sending the lil missy to the kindy, off we went for a good breakie before heading to the booksale venue. we reached MAEPS around 945am, took the shuttle bus which landed us directly in front of Hall A, where we saw a queue was already formed. thank goodness it was a fast queue, if not, i sure damn pekchek edi standing and waiting with my current condition *ehem*

nigella greeted me near the entrance

jamie pulak sitting comfortably waiting beside nigella :)

tones of disney books for the little ones >.<

air cond, washroom, ventilation, all was good,
ample of walking space, it gets crowded of course,
but can be tolerated lah!

what do you expect rite? it's the world
biggest booksale leh... haha!

my dear "slave" for the day!

2 mags i managed to get, wish they
had more magazines like this, but i couldn't
spot any, or maybe i was really tired
when i got to the magazines part, mata sepet edi :(

my love for chic lits!

and sophie kinsella!

some books for the lil missy

bet she would love this ey?

and these was really a steal, rm3 each!

and for sure she would love these!

not too bad rite?
total hole in the pocket, only
rm196.oo for 33 items :)

love you wolfie! ur da best wolfie ever for bringing this great booksale to Malaysia for us! i pray for many more great booksale like this for years to come! keep up the great effort and work to bring us malaysian such good deals! awesoooooooooooooome!


reanaclaire said...

You and small kucing can shake hands! hahahaa.. i wonder how much or how big her burnt hold is.. :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

good buy :) now i wanna go too!!

ChloeRuoyi said...

I wanted to just grab a few and make it a quick one (on the way back to Seremban ma). We ended up spending 3 hours there, got 47 books and became RM298 poorer! hehe..

Mummy Gwen said...

You managed to grab so many books! Too bad I'm so far away..sigh.

slavemom said...

I hv to stop reading abt this sale edi coz it's making me feel like going for 2nd round. Helpppp!!

Mummy Moon said...

Good buy! Do you think going now still have so good choice??

Adrine said...

Wah, take leave to go somemore!

I also have a hole in my pocket from the sale. Told myself not to buy so many, but just cannot resist ;)

prince n princess mum said...

So many ppl go this book fair..

Alice Phua said...

THis is indeed a very good sale! I thought I would only go one time and that's it. TOld myself not to buy so many books, but once there, cannot tahan, ended up going there 3 times pulak!

Merryn said...

haihz... i did not go..

Mummy to QiQi said...

drooling at your loots!!!!!!!!!!