03 February 2009

welcome back!

after 10 days of break, finally back to reality ---> WORK. oh well, it's about time anyway, if holiday some more, sure become fatter & lazier... hehe!

we came back to KL few days earlier on Sat as we need to attend hubs' boss' CNY open house in USJ. we went there straight from malacca so it was a bit tiring. once reached home, its all about cleaning, mopping, washing this & that! it was tiring. on Sunday morning, we went out for lunch & to Mines just to loiter around. at night, had dinner with bro in law & visited relatives in Gita Bayu & spend a few good hours there watching Wah Lai Toi 'on demand'

as it was a public holiday on Mon for us who works in KL, happy lah! i know im being a bad parent, but i had to send lil missy to bbsitter house so we the parents can get a break, for a day. bad hor, but can't help it. we had a few errands to complete before the works starts. we manage to catch Inkheart over in TGV & massages over in Thai Odyssey. hubs went for the full body massage & i choosed the foot reflexology & shoulder massage. it was really nice & pampering :) after all that, we went pick up lil missy & proceed to our relative house in Gita Bayu again.

CNY was good, well spent in malacca, shall blog about it soon. hmmm... i don't know what came up to me, been spending on pedicure for CNY, massages in malacca, which i normally won't be spending on. probably im really tired, just need a little pampering. motivate myself a bit.

and oh yeah, i spent lot of hours in getting this new layout up. really love another layout, but i gave up on the html codes, after few hours of trying. i was up till 430am on sunday nite! imagine that. walaoeh, crazy man. and on top of that i lost my blog list! now im updating as i read :(

hope u guys had a good break too :)


Mummy to QiQi said...

very nice ler the new layout. welcome back!

agnes said...

nice blogskin u have.. :)

LittleLamb said...

come to usj also never tell me? but i guess u all were tired right..is ok. we meet up other time..

Lizzy said...

like yr blog layout, nice! well done

mc said...

i love the layout! very nice.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Nice layout. Next time you tell me where to get those HTML for new layouts k?

slavemom said...

A new layout 4 a new yr. This 1's vy nice, love it!
So syiok with those pampering sessions ya. We shld pamper ourselves every now n then. :)

zara's mama said...

Wow.. so clever to 'tan' the 2 of you.

Btw, how much is the Thai Massage? Is the environment nice?