01 October 2010

sawadekaa! @ Day 4

the 4th day was our last day in bangkok, sad to say... uuuuwaaaaaa, bangkok, we will miss you greatly. woke up around 9am-ish, clean up, and went for our last breakie in baiyoke. after breakie i thought i wanna go do manicure cus didn't have the time to do it the previous days. them i decided not to do it, cus was quite rushing as we need to leave the hotel around 11.30am

so we walked around outside the hotel & have coffee at a nearby black canyon cafe. we only left with 480baht on our last day! hehehe... such a shame man, so paiseh! hahaha! luckily there is a train which cost only 15baht each person to reach airport! save a bit there...

after checked out, the bellboy drove us to the nearest point for the train station as we have heavy luggage with us, using a buggy :) thank God for the help from him, if not we would have suffer lugging our bags and walk 15mins towards the station! oh yeah, we came to bangkok with our bags weighing at 15kg, and going back to malaysia with 26kg, not too bad ey?

upon reaching airport, we took our own sweet time to check in, walked around, and went thru the custom. we have around less than 300baht left for lunch as our flight is only at 3.15pm. so we were pretty lucky as the we could find food for the money we had, just nice! when we board the plane, all i have with me was 0.30baht! no kidding, I'm serious! i basically shop till empty pocket! wahahahahaha... seifor!

feast your eyes and plan for
your own bangkok trip soon!

here my loots for the 4 days 3 nights trip we
spent in the great city of Thailand :)
we will definitely come back!
dunno when only, haha!


Mummy to QiQi said...

among everyone, i think i had the worst trip to this beautiful country. so shiok to see all your purchase over there!

Little Kit Boy said...

Irene, came to know from Merryn's blog that is your birthday yesterday. Ok, let me just present you this......:P

Happy Belated Birthday To You;
Happy Belated Birthday To You;
Happy Belated Birthday To Youuuu;
Happy Belated Birthday To You.

Hope you like it and remember, no matter what is your age, as long as you live to the fullest and enjoy life, you will always feel and look young.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

happy birthday. so this trip is like a birthday present? next time must bring your krystal along lah.

jazzmint said...

wah, did u just bought the whole bkk back LOL. keng!!

coffeesncookies said...

you really geng.. shopped till kering. did you tip the bellboy ? :P

Mummy Gwen said...

wah...you can really shop. Nice loot!

Jacss said...

wuah...so syiok shopping hor??
omg...yr iphone case, can sell me one ahh??? love them....

mNhL said...

Oh my! You bought a lot of things!!! Really a shopping queen. haha

ChloeRuoyi said...

*faint* You can open a boutique at home edi!

slavemom said...

*jaw dropped* Wahlao... clothes u bot bertimbun2 leh. *keng*
And left with 0.30baht? That's like 3 sen, rite? Really spend till pocket empty. :)