10 September 2012

here comes the Big Bad Wolfie!

He's back! He's back! He's baaaaaaack!

I am so going everyday! hahaha... 
It's gonna be sooooo good! 

I just can't wait for this!
December come quick!
Life is just getting awesome-r!

Check this page out for more information!

09 September 2012

my lil hero

aiyahyah... my lil Kayden noty boy is 10 months old!
time flies when you don't really realize it

all you do is go to work, come back, be with family,
then sleep. then back to work tomorrow...
life is so routine it's so boring sometimes bleh!

thank God for my 2 kids too, cus they keep me insane 
and sane at the same time :)

08 September 2012

my Starbucks experience

the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the contest in Starbucks Malaysia's page in FB was, SHOULD I DO THIS? if I do this, I must go all out and win this, if I don't win this, I will be super sad lor!

All one has to do is to share the above picture from their link and gain the highest LIKE. The share with the highest likes as of 12pm, 29/8/12 will be the winning location, so I thought oh what the hell, just do it!

Once I shared the page, I went on message rampage to all friends & family member to like my post on my FB wall. I was on crazy mode for 3 days to make this happen. Some of my friends even told me they thought it was spam messages when they saw my messages as early as 6am! hahahaha! yeah I was that persistent! and it drove me nuts too... and yes, I'm soooo darn annoying :)

Result day arrived! and still I was checking out my status in the contest on their page, about 135 person participated throughout Klang Valley I think, and I didn't realize that they have already announced the winner on their FB page till my friends informed me! I was speechless  to the core, so damn damn damn happy I won this! It was a very close fight, and Starbucks Malaysia was super cool to announce 2 winners :) 

So the organizing begins. I created an event in FB to invite all the office friends whom has supported by liking my post in FB so I would not leave anyone out. I couldn't invite outside friends as they were sending to chill patrol van to my office location. Till today, I still got whack by outside friends who supported me but didn't get their free fraps. sobsobsobsob... how I wish I can please everyone... uuuuuwaaaaaaaaa!

When Starbucks Malaysia confirmed the date & time for the delivery of 100 frappucinos, I had to find them a parking spot. Knowing that is impossible to let them park in front of my office, I still went ahead to talk to my building management and begged them for a parking spot. And surprisingly, I got the approval! OMAIKOT! Even my boss was surprised that our building management granted me an awesome parking spot for the Starbucks van :)


The day arrived, and as they said, the rest is History!

our very own Starbucks van :)

Happy giler!

the cool baristas 

my all time favourite
Green tea frappuccino!

this shot is for the album!
so gonna frame this up! haha 

And hereby, I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all my friends and family who has supported me in this contest. Without all of you, I wouldn't have a chance of a lifetime like this, ever! God bless all of you! teeeee-heeeee! wooooohoooooo!
iLapYou all :)

If you want to see more pictures, check the below like out
It was taken by my friend, Josh Chong 

11 July 2012

my greatest achievement

though sometimes i feel that life sucks at certain area of my life. I know I've been well blessed with this part of my life, being a mother of 2 kiddos. till today my mom and aunts still can't believe I have 2 kids. hahaha... cus I am forever a clown in their eyes. a forever playful child. hehe...

Krystal @ 2007

 nevertheless, I'm really happy being a mother. not only the kids can give u sleepless nights, high blood pressure, vandalism, they will never fail to put a smile on your face when they do silly things :)

Kayden @ 2011
so this I am very thankful!

25 June 2012

Life's a toot

Last week was hell for me at work. I was having mental torture thinking about my career enhancement to the extent of sleepless nights. Besides waking up every midnight for Kayden's milk fix, I was having un-peaceful sleep hence I got sick. I was having flu and cough till I went to the moon. I thought I was going to cough my lungs out. 

Then the day I've been waiting for months arrived. I was praying for a good day with good results. The time came and a SMS came to me. The context told me to check the web page for results. With a crazily beating heart I checked. Then SMACK! I've failed. Again. For the 2nd time. I couldn't believe my eyes. I refresh for I hope I was seeing wrongly but no. It was correct and clear, unfortunately. I was speechless. I am never speechless. I was hardly speechless but this time I was. I was holding on to my tears. So hard, that I could feel a dagger stabbed thru it. So dramatic huh?! Yes. It was. Nothing could be done. It's out of my reach. It's out of my power, as if I've one. 

Fish! Fish! Fish! 

All my plans went down the big longkang outside my house. That's it! My tears starts rolling down my cheek. Thank God nobody was around. I felt so stopid. Really stopid for hoping it would come true. I don't know what to say to myself to console my heart and my aching head. I felt betrayed. I felt like an idiot to trust the system again and again. How can I be that stopid. Sigh! 

A friend then SMS me for lunch. I told her the bad news. She was having her good news but she didn't tell me till later for having me crying again. Why am I so unlucky? Thank God for this friend who let me pour my heart out. God bless her! She even bought me a nice lunch but I just couldn't eat. For the 1st time there was no hunger in me. Crap. My stomach probably lost its feeling. My body was numb. I never say no to good food but I just couldn't swallow anything.

Why is life so not fair... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

19 June 2012

Personalised Touch & Go card

When I got to know that you can personalize your Touch & Go card, punya lah cepat I sms hubs to get it done! He replied to me several hours later telling me "aiyo, very long Q lah"... and I was so disappointed :(

Then after awhile, I got a picture message like this! hehehehe... I haven't start using it, soon or it will be sitting in my wallet for a long time. hahaha... this cost RM20.00, can be done in Touch&Go centre in KL Sentral

hmmmm... maybe I should personalize another T&G card with the below yummeh image eh? muahahahahaha...

31 May 2012

si budak so active!

my lil missy is 5 years old this year. she can be an angel, and she can be a devil. depending on her mood. sometimes super manja. sometimes super stubborn. isn't all kids liddat kan?

she is super active. she can talk non stop from the moment she wakes up until she sleeps off at night. nowadays, when we go back to hometown, i can't really leave her home with my mom when I go out, cus my mom can't take it, gives her headache she said. hahahaha... poor grandma kena "torture" with the usual, who, what, where why but don't get us wrong, grandma still loves her to bits! i think her little brother is getting there soon, lawyer buruk no2 in the making ^_^

my mom & my aunt still laughed at me sometimes, always saying that they can't believe I am a mother of two kiddos. oh well, I myself can't believe it too as I was a lawyer buruk myself... hahahaha... gosh! time really flies when you are so occupied with everything and anything. especially when you come back home and want to have a decent quiet dinner cus all you do at work is listening to people complaining about anything and everything, you have this lil missy come up to you asking you to spell anything and everything, you know what i mean? hahaha... gosh, it's really taxing to be parents huh?

i wonder if when we were younger, are we like this? asking our parents about anything and everything? or we sit quietly and mind our own stuff? hmmm... i gotta really blame it on the DHA of those milk powders, what do they put inside? super talkative potion? or a spoonful of super activeness? above all, I am thankful I have one lawyer buruk in da house and one upcoming lawyer buruk in the making

till then, be good

here comes the Big Bad Wolfie!

He's back! He's back! He's baaaaaaack! And this time is at MINES CONVENTION CENTRE (MIECC)   I am so going everyday! haha...